Electric Power Steering Test System: PTM-125eps

PTM Electronics and Kaufman Products coupled their expertise in electronic control unit and hydraulic power steering test systems to create the PTM125 eps Electric Power Steering Test System.

Electric Power Steering Racks with and without integral rack controllers may be tested on this system

Electronics and CAN communications to operate today’s electric steering racks are provided by the PTM 125 eps.

Road resistance and mountings for most electric racks are provided by the Kaufman Products RPA 1200e.

Racks with External controllers:
The PTM 125 runs both brush and brushless motors and takes input from typical EPS pinion torque sensors that range from resistive, voltage, and inductive sensors to more complex electronic resolvers found in brushless motor EPS systems.

Racks with integral controllers:
The PTM125 provides the necessary communications and programmable power to operate the rack in normal and diagnostic modes. PTM CAN communications hardware enables the PTM 125 to provide messaging that simulates vehicle messaging AND diagnostic messaging, eliminating the need for diagnostic scan tools. Current measurement and optional pinion torque measurement is provided. Verifies controller “Sleep current” to insure rack does not draw down battery when not in use.

PTM Test Studio Software:
Optional software development package enables development of customized test sequences, logs, part operation, and the operator interface.