Automotive Actuator Test System: PTM-220e

The 220e is a bench top system designed to test the many actuators found on todays motor vehicles.

The 220e can be configured to test and analyse:

  • Throttle bodies
  • EGR valves
  • Idle valves
  • Diesel shut off valves
  • Solenoids
  • Motor drives with integrated sensors
  • Air control valves
  • Custom solutions available

With an optional adaptor, its use can be further extended to include measurement of:

  • Ignition coils
  • Air mass meters
  • Motor output
  • ABS signals
  • Custom solutions available

220e features:

  • Windows-based OS allows easy integration with other software
  • The operator interface is via a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor
  • Results data can be configured for output in both numeric or graphic formats
  • Data can be saved to Word, Excel, a local drive or to internet files
  • Internal generators produce input signals, for example, wheel speed for testing ABS systems
  • A single CAN communications channel for actuators and systems which generate CAN-based messages
  • Enhanced communication ability by adding 4-channel system derived from the 820e unit
  • 40A peak current capable of driving high current applications such as electric power steering motors, etc achieved using 4 analogue power channels rated at 8A each (10A peak) operating in parallel
  • Rapid reconfiguration for commonly used components
  • Software templates are available for many commonly encountered components
  • Manual and automated test sequences can be easily configured
  • Pass/fail or go no-go parameters can be set
  • Integral failsafe system protection for unsafe or overload operating conditions

220e Specification:
520mm wide x 480mm deep x 316mm high

Front Panel:
2 x USB2 Connectors
56 way rack-and-panel connector with gold plated connections
On-off switch with illumination plus 3 software definable indicators

Rear Panel:
IEC mains input connector for 110V to 240V AC
HDMI connector
RJ45 Ethernet connector
Wireless antenna
Internal: Option board/interface connector for custom measurement functions.

User interface via Windows 7 Professional

4 x 12V analogue drivers rated at 8A continuous, 10A peak
Can be parallel connected to give up to 40A peak
4x 12V digital drivers rated at 2.5A
4 x 15V low current drivers rated at 15mA
1 x 15V 32A power source
1 x 5V 1.5A power source

4 x 0-10V analogue
1 x 10uA current source
l x 200uA current source
2 x 100mV