Airbag Accelerometer Test System 

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The Challenge

Deliver an integrated operating Airbag Accelerometer tester in less than two months ready for MY2004 production testing.

The Solution:

PTM's engineering team, worked day and night to meet an aggressive schedule to deliver on schedule a fully integrated product.  PTM designed the specialized communications PCB to interface to both Restraint Control Modules (RCM) and Satellite accelerometer (SAT) sensors.  Using a LabviewTM based control system, PTM integrated and tested the communications PCB, a PTM ISO 9141 board, a DACTRON Control System, a Unholtz Dicke Thruster, and fixtures to hold the SCM's and RCM's in place while sustaining a 30G or 60G shock.


Hardware consisted of the developed communications for the proprietary protocol for the RCM and SAT, and ISO 9141, a KOYO PLC, an Industrialized PC, Thruster and thruster control system, and relay control electronics.


Software included embedded software to operate the communications PCB's, Ladder Logic to operate the PLC, and a LabviewTM Interface to operate the test system and environment. 

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